This experience will only take place if the number of bookings exceeds 25 participants. Otherwise, or in case of forecast rain, tourists will participate in Canelli and the underground Cathedrals scheduled on the same day.

June 19, 2022

Up and down the Pavese paths in Santo Stefano Belbo

This time the Steam Train TrEno takes us to Santo Stefano Belbo, the birthplace of the poet Cesare Pavese , who was born here on 9 September 1908. The day includes excursions on foot to places dear to the writer with a tasty picnic at the top of the Moncucco hill with live musical accompaniment .
By downloading the MOM – Multimedia Outdoor Museum application, once in the vicinity of the totems along the route, an app notification will alert and accompany the visitor on a virtual journey through the universe of Cesare Pavese and the traditions of Langhe Roero and Monferrato.
“My country is made up of four shacks and a lot of mud, but the main road where I used to play as a child crosses it. Since – I repeat – I am ambitious, I wanted to travel all over the world and, having reached the most distant sites, turn around and say in the presence of everyone: Have you ever heard of those four roofs? Well, I come from there ”. (La langa , in August Feria )

Picnic nel Monferrato

Up and down the Cesare Pavese paths

After a welcome aperitif , you will walk along the MITO path, a medium difficulty ring route with a gradient of 285 meters. The visitor will immerse himself in the world of myths and suggestions that continue to animate the imaginary of the inhabitants of these hills and that find themselves narrated, in a more or less conscious way, in the works of the great authors of Langhe Roero and Monferrato . Along the way, after an hour’s walk, with an expert outdoor tour guide , we will stop for a picnic with musical accompaniment at the Madonna della Neve Sanctuary on the Moncucco hill, described in Cesare Pavese ‘s works, and an enchanting panoramic point. 360 degrees. At the end, whoever wants to can finish the route on foot.

Food and wine experience

An incredibly diverse territory, from which some extraordinary typical products come from, including the white truffle of Alba and the prized “fassone”, just to give an example. These extraordinary lands are reflected, in addition to the wines, on the local gastronomic offer, equally rich and heterogeneous: from meats, also eaten raw, from hand-made pasta to the infinite cheeses, tome and robiole, from vegetables to slow-cooked braised meats, to arrive to sweets. Their flavor accompanied by fine wines will crown the taste of your experience.

The picnic menu includes fassone tartare, bergera cheese with walnuts and celery, agnolotti with plin butter and sage, bunet, focaccia, bread sticks, water and two glasses of wine

Mangiare bene a Canelli

Santo Stefano Belbo

Santo Stefano Belbo, set among the green hills of the Langhe, founded in the early Middle Ages at the beginning of the road that winds along the Belbo Valley, can be considered today. the physical and cultural hinge between the Alta Langa, the Langhe and the Monferrato, of which it represents the border, and the Roero whose overlooking hills fill the gaze of those who from Santo Stefano Belbo want to observe the majesty of the Alps that slope down to the sea .
In these wine landscapes recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, between the ancient walls, medieval views, Santo Stefano Belbo is a place that offers ideal services and activities for those who want to experience the Langhe in purity.

Escursione a Santo Stefano Belbo
Picnic nel Monferrato

Up and down the Cesare Pavese paths

Santo Stefano Belbo
  • Train ticket
  • Reception with welcome drink
  • Shuttle from the station to the historic center
  • Narration of the territory with landscape storymovers®
  • Expert outdoor guides
  • Walking along the Myth of MOM path
  • Quality picnic next to the Moncucco Sanctuary
  • Live musical accompaniment

€ 150

Treno a Vapore Monferrato

Turin - Santo Stefano Belbo

Train ticket

  • Ticket from Turin to Santo Stefano Belbo and back

  • Full ticket with steam locomotive 75 euros

  • Reduced (from 4 to 12 years) with steam locomotive 40 euros

75 €