Jube 26, 2022

Picnic in the vineyard at Canelli

A rich picnic not far from the UNESCO heritage rows to savor the proposals of local food and wine and the renowned wines of the area. Our Storymovers will accompany you on a visit to the city of Canelli and the famous Underground Cathedrals. You can also visit the gardens of the Castello di Canelli open to the public for the occasion.

Picnic in vigna Castello Canelli
Picnic in vigna Castello Gancia
Visita Cattedrali Sotterranee Canelli

The Underground Cathedrals

You will enter one of the most fascinating places in the world of wine, welcomed by people that have dedicated their lives to grow and store one of the most famous products in the world:the wine of the Piedmont region.. You will enter the subsoil of Canelli where tunnels have been dug in the tuff for over 20 km and you will walk in silence breathing the scent of the wood of the barrels, surrounded by millions of aging bottles. We will tell you the story of the genius and passion of those who built these cellars by tasting their extraordinary wines together.

The Castle of Canelli

The Castle of Canelli was built in the eleventh century to defend and control the commercial route connecting the town of Asti to the port of Savona. The complex grew bigger and bigger through the following years thanks to the fortune of the Signori governing Canelli then inherited by the Scarampi family during the Renaissance, it was enlarged and restored becoming an elegant and somptuous residence. Then dismantelled in 1617 by the Spanish during the Monferrato Succession War, it was rebuilt in 1676 by the last Marquis Scarampi-Crivelli. Carlo Gancia purchased it at the beginning of the XX century and assigned the restoration and renovation project to the architect Arturo Midana in 1929. The gardens of the Castle will be open to the TrEno tourists.

Visita al Castello Gancia
Mangiare bene a Canelli

Food and wine experience

An incredibly diverse territory, from which some extraordinary typical products come from, among all the agnolotti del “plin”, the white truffle of Alba and the prized meat of “fassona”, just to name a few. These extraordinary lands in addition to the wines, they reflect on the local gastronomic offer, equally rich and heterogeneous: from meats, also eaten raw, from hand-made pasta to the infinite cheeses, tome and robiole, from vegetables to braised meat cooked slowly, to get to desserts. You will be provided with a picnic basket that you can enjoy in the bucolic Gancia meadows, under the Castle, set up for the occasion. Their flavor accompanied by fine wines will crown the taste of your experience.


The city of Canelli is the Italian capital of Spumante and where, in 1865, the first Italian Spumante was born by Carlo Gancia. It is most famous for its underground wine aging cellars. Real Underground Cathedrals that branch out under the town, masterpieces of architecture and enological engineering, where millions of bottles are left to ferment at a constant temperature of 12-14 degrees, taking on the typical aromas and flavors of sparkling wine and wines.
Canelli has a medieval layout built around the ancient structure formed by successive stratifications around the
Castle. Its economy is therefore based on the processing of Spumante and Moscato and Canelli is known throughout the world for all the related wines and enology. It is home to many historic wineries Bosca, Coppo, Contract, Gancia and the distillery Mouthpiece.
They create a unique landscape developing along the rolling hills covered by vineyards as far as the eye can see and shaped over the years by man’s work.
The visit to the Underground Cathedrals is a unique experience, the most original and characteristic place you can discover in Canelli but also the least visible.
This is where the project that led to the recognition of the Langhe-Roero-Monferrato Wine Landscapes as the 50th UNESCO site in Italy, elected as a World Heritage Site , started..
A group of highly trained young people will guide you along the route enriching it with historical anecdotes that will make the visit even more interesting. Before or after the
visit and tasting of the wines of the cellars, a tasting menu of typical dishes of the area, will make the experience an unforgettable moment.

Visita Castello Gancia

Outward journey

09.00 Departure from Torino Porta Nuova
09.10 Departure from Torino Lingotto
11.25 Arrival at Canelli

Return trip

17.30 Departure from Canelli
19.18 Arrival at Torino Lingotto
19.30 Arrival at Torino Porta Nuova

Visita Cattedrali Sotterranee Canelli


Picnic in the vineyard

  • Train ticket
  • Welcome Aperitif
  • Guided tour of Canelli with the ‘landscape storymovers®’
  • Visit to the Underground Cathedral
  • Visit to the Gardens of the Castle of Canelli
  • Picnic in the meadows next to the vineyards with local menus

165 €

Treno storico Piemonte


Train ticket

  • Ticket Torino – Canelli – Torino
  • Whole with diesel locomotive 62 euros
  • Reduced (4-12) with Diesel locomotive 40 euros

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