June 5, 2022

Historic event Tournament of the Villages in Neive

The historic train stops in Neive , one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and Orange Flag of the Touring Club . Some representative characters of the territory and flag-wavers await you in perfect medieval style. After the welcome drink, we leave by private bus to discover the three villages involved in the three villages tournament . The expert guides of the area will accompany you to Neive, Mango and Castiglione Tinella passing through wonderful wine landscapes full of interesting points of observation, reflection and authentic tastes. Stop in the cellar with tasting and lunch during the excursion with a typical Piedmontese menu .

Treno Storico dei Tre Borghi

The medieval village

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with a historic center with a medieval structure rich in history and traditions, wants to show the best of itself by transforming itself into a timeless reality. Thanks to the collaboration of local associations and historical groups, the village will come alive with flag-wavers, costumed figures, medieval music and dances. The squares are transformed into the beating heart of life by hosting original settings to try flavors of the past. A path that culminates at Pian Castello with the possibility of climbing the Medieval Clock Tower for a splendid panorama

Food and wine experience

An incredibly diverse territory, from which some extraordinary typical products come from, including the white truffle of Alba and the prized “fassone”, just to give an example. These extraordinary lands are reflected, in addition to the wines, on the local gastronomic offer, equally rich and heterogeneous: from meats, also eaten raw, from hand-made pasta to the infinite cheeses, tome and robiole, from vegetables to slow-cooked braised meats, to arrive to sweets. Their flavor accompanied by fine wines will crown the taste of your experience.

Mangiare bene a Canelli


Neive is a magnificent village located in the Western Langhe about 10 km from Alba in the direction of Asti.
The oldest part of the town, with a medieval layout, was built on a hillock. The medieval village has remained practically intact and, although it has been remodeled over the centuries, it has not been touched by contemporary urbanization.
Due to the wealth of vineyards and trade, the strategic importance and the beauty of the place, Neive “alta” was always chosen as the residence of the landed nobility and the rich bourgeoisie, acquiring splendid palaces and acquiring the nickname of «pais di sgnuret “(” Town of lords “).
Today Neive is included in the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, wanted by the Council of Tourism of the Anci (National Association of Italian Municipalities).
Arriving in Neive from the hills of Barbaresco you can enjoy one of the most exciting views of the Langa planted with vineyards.

Tour enogastronomico Neive
Treno Storico dei Tre Borghi

Tournament of the Villages

  • Train ticket
  • Narration of the territory with landscape storymovers®
  • Costumed welcome with welcome drink
  • Reserved bus to discover the three villages involved in the three villages tournament
  • Expert guides of the area
  • Stop in the cellar with tasting
  • Lunch during the excursion with a typical Piedmontese menu

165 €

Treno Storico Castagnole delle Lanze

Torino - Neive

Train ticket

  • Ticket from Turin
    to Neive and back
  • Full ticket with diesel locomotive 60 euros
  • Reduced (from 4 to 12 years) with Diesel locomotive 40 euros

€ 60