The first enogastronomic Train in Italy

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Give one or more experiences to your loved ones


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The rolling stock is owned by Fondazione FS Italiane and is rented for the occasion by LMR Events Srl for its TrEno product, accepting the indicated conditions. Departure takes place under any weather conditions, unless expressly canceled by the infrastructure manager, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, at its sole discretion. LMR Events is not responsible for causes beyond its control, such as delays generated by the proper operation of the locomotive or railway infrastructure, or for causes that, due to the nature of the journey and the type of vintage rolling stock, are considered normal, such as soot or smoke, malfunctioning lights, or the absence of air conditioning on board. The configuration of the trains is the responsibility of Fondazione FS, and LMR Events is not responsible for the order of placement of the wagons and locomotives, as well as their type.