The first enogastronomic Train in Italy

General Terms and Conditions


Children from 0 to 4 years of age are allowed aboard the train without a seat, to the maximum extent of one for each accompanying adult, sharing the seat of the accompanying adult (in arms).


They are allowed, free of charge, and must be handed over at departure to the staff on the platform for storage in the special baggage car located in the middle of the train. It is not possible to carry bulky items with you in the carriage. In the case of strollers, at each train stop they are delivered to the ground by our staff.


Small and medium-sized dogs are allowed on board, on a leash and without occupancy of seats or occupancy of the center aisle. Large dogs are not allowed for reasons of interior space in vintage carriages.


The center aisles throughout the carriage and the service spaces for the crew should be left clear for safety reasons and cannot be occupied in any way, neither by people, nor by animals, nor by objects and personal belongings.


Changing names, transferring one’s reservation to a third party, is always possible up to 24 hours before departure by notifying the substitution to the email


  • In case of a reservation error (wrong call sign, wrong date or time, etc.), write to indicating your reservation number and call sign.
  • In case of name filling error or different email address, the organization will change and resend the ticket at no additional cost.
  • In case of an error in the chosen date, it is possible to move to another date, even of the same period, but only and exclusively in case of remaining availability of places. Therefore, it is not possible under any circumstances to move to another date if the available seats are exhausted, while it will be possible to change the reservation to another date later, with a validity of 1 year.


In case of one’s own delay in arriving at the station compared to the official departure time, non-participation, whatever the reason, the reservation is not refundable or usable on another date.


The historic train provided for the departure is owned by the FS Italian Foundation and is hired for the occasion by LMR Events Srl, accepting the conditions indicated for the departure. Departure will take place in all weather conditions, unless expressly cancelled by the infrastructure manager, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, at its sole discretion.

  • The organization is not liable for causes beyond its control, such as delays generated by the proper running of the locomotive or railroad infrastructure, or for causes that due to the nature of the trip and the type of vintage rolling stock used are to be considered normal such as soot or smoke, failure of lights or heating on board.
  • LMR Events is not responsible for the order of deployment of wagons and locomotives as well as their type.
  • There are no exceptions under any circumstances; any request that does not fall under the above travel conditions will not be considered.


Acknowledging the recent national legislation in this regard and the provisions of the FS Group, specific measures are provided, listed below:- From October 1, 2022, the use of face mask on board the train is no longer required.

  • The historic convoy, before each departure, is subject to specific cleaning and sanitization according to the new protocols established for railroad traffic vehicles.
  • To allow proper ventilation of the cars, the side windows are half-opened and closing them is prohibited. During the winter season, a space heating system is active on board.


Booking with purchase of the travel ticket or tour package is subject to prior reading and acceptance of the travel conditions and cancellation policies below.

  • In case of inability to participate, in order to take advantage of the recovery conditions provided, cancellation must be communicated in writing exclusively by email to within 30 days prior to departure. Communications on other communication channels will not be considered.
  • In case of illness, cancellation can be made up to 24 hours before departure upon presentation of a medical certificate, with rescheduling to another date.
  • Rebooking is provided, at no extra charge, with issuance of voucher valid for 1 year on a date of your choice, subject to verification of seat availability.


As of April 1, 2022, with the termination of the state of emergency regulated by national regulations, cancellations due to Covid-19 are subject to normal travel conditions and cancellation policies.


In case of cancellation of the historical train by the organization, the refund is full with only the reservation management costs (€ 2 per person) retained.